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App Recommendations

I just wanted to write a quick post with a few of my favorite apps and apps I use on a regular basis. Here they are in no particular order:

Fantastical 2 – The best calendar app, hands down
Tweetbot 3 – Great twitter client
BBM (really?!) – Friend lives in Canada, other has an android. We can text for free.
Facebook – I use this when I’m bored
Simpsons Tapped Out – I’ve been a fan of the Simpsons since it started in the 80s.
Words with Friends – Don’t play a ton, I’m losing interest I think
Letterpress – Still fun
Quintet – My friends Carmine’s game.
Polymer – Fun addicting game
Podcasts – I have a 1+ hr commute each way, I listen to a lot of podcasts.
The Weather Channel – I like weather 😛
NHL Game Center – Hockey is my favorite sport, LETS GO ISLANDERS!!
MLB At Bat – Baseball is my second favorite sport, LETS GO METS!!
ESPN Score Center – I check scores for the NFL and College Football

Of course I have to include the Apps I have done:

iLearn Math – Great math game for kids ages 4-9
iLearn Math Lite – Free version, try it out!
Multipli – The first app I made. I made this for my son who, at the time, was learning his multiplication tables.
Awesome Cowbell – The best Cowbell app for iOS!
Awesome Cowbell Free – Free version of the best Cowbell app