Indie Devs

So I just released a FREE version of my app iLearn Math. Now I need downloads and ratings. I was thinking, there are so many indie devs out there and they are all on twitter, hmmmm.

I recently joined the IDRTG in hopes of improving sales, but that hasnt done a lot for me yet. What if we posted our apps on twitter with a hashtag, then every dev then does the download, rate (5 stars with or without a written review), delete (or DRD). Tag the post as #DRD and check that hashtag whenever you can. Obviously don’t delete the app if its something you would use or even share with others 🙂

What do you think? Contact me on twitter @jon01. I also made a Facebook group called Indie Devs, UNITE feel free to join and post your app!

I’ll do it if you do it!

UPDATE: It seems the facebook group is doing really well. Please join it and share your app! Indie Devs, UNITE