Monthly Archives: December 2012

iLearn Math v1.2

There is an update out for iLearn Math. I added a bunch of new features, here they are:

The icon has been updated.

I added 2 new UNLOCKABLE themes, one is a winter and the other is Holiday. They each include a background and 4 different icons.

PARENTS/TEACHERS – Swipe LEFT on the CREDITS menu to reset ALL difficulties and themes to locked again. This also sets the coins to 0, and sets the highest streak to 0 as well.

Added a RANDOM mode which still goes by the difficulty you selected but asks all of the math operations randomly.

Added “Best Streak”.

When you guess the right answer, the icon you selected will make a sound that it would make (except for the turtle).

Added text at the bottom that says you have enough coins to unlock a difficulty or just more then 20 coins.

You can not unlock a difficulty if the previous ones were not unlocked yet. For example, you won’t be able to unlock HARD if EASY was never unlocked.

Let me know what you think!